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Why DharmaCycle?

DharmaCycle Yoga is a mindful, empowered, inclusive community that makes all of your group fitness dreams come true! We've got the most comprehensive, mindful group fitness program and smartest facilities in town. We believe that everyone deserves to live their dharma and lead an empowered life. We believe fitness isn't about how you look doing it, its about what you feel and what it is doing for your body.  Our classes give you a safe, challenging full body workout in a fun, supportive environment. Your mind will clear, your body will change and so will your life. Join the community. Empower your life. Live your dharma.


Mindfulness is a state of active, open attention on the present. When you’re mindful, you observe your thoughts and feelings from a distance, without judging them good or bad. We teach mindfulness in all of our classes by using the body to awaken to experience. When you are mindful you can better set intentions for your thoughts, words and actions. We carry the practice of mindfulness into how we run our business. It is our intention to give our students the most amazing experience possible so we offer hands on adjustments, use uplifting language and purposeful sequencing. It is our intention to be kind to the environment so we use green and recycled materials, recycle, sell reusable water bottles and offer only vegan food at studio events.


Living an empowered life takes strength and suppleness in your body, clarity in your mind and joy in your heart. Our classes work on all three at the same time and when done regularly your body will change and your mind will clear which supports you to set intentions and to follow your dharma.


We support diversity and want you to come as you are today no matter what your income, age of adulthood, fitness level, fashion taste or political and religious beliefs. Our teachers offer many options in class giving you the freedom to move safely in your body today. We strive to make the benefits of practice available to all and regularly schedule free classes and offer unlimited memberships in exchange for work at the studio.


In order to build the world we dream of we must make connections to each other. Our teachers are available to you before and after classes because they want to get to know you. We encourage you to get to know other members of our community before or after class. We connect to our community outside of the studio by attending events, supporting charities through donations and volunteering, hosting get togethers and partnering with local businesses.

The balance between the sun energy and the moon energy.  This class is 40 minutes of flowing vinyasa yoga and 20 minutes of restorative yin yoga   Done in a heated room (90 degrees) Yang Yin is a balancing, strengthening class. We encourage each teacher to share their unique experience and play music only if they would like. Open to intermediate-advanced students.

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