The DharmaYoga series is a unique selection of 58 postures broken down and woven together in a 60 minute class. It can best be described as heated, therapeutic flow yoga. The attention to alignment and breath awareness safely stretches the bodies of all students, clears their minds and promotes detoxification. Done in a heated room (99-100F), postures flow from one to the next so the series is a strengthening, cardiovascular workout. Class begins in a silent room in Silence Pose. Your teacher begins class by setting up the class intention and guiding you through breath work. Each teacher brings their unique view and style to class so sometimes you’ll hear music and see all of the postures in the series and sometimes class will be spent on fewer postures with no music. All classes begin and end on time. Dharma Yoga is for beginner-advanced levels.  Please bring a mat, yoga towel and water.


The Cycle Stable is where we ride. The high ceiling brick room used to house horses but we traded them in for Schwinn IC Pro20 bikes, a wall of mirrors and lots of candles. Guided by intention, we move as one to the beats of great music in this 45-60 minute, full-mind-body-soul indoor cycling class! Your teacher wears a microphone and leads you through drills and intervals (some including weights to tone arms and core) in language you can hear and understand. We work on a 1-10 scale with resistance (1 being least difficult, 10 being the most difficult) so you move at your own pace and get the best workout no matter what your experience level.
Each Schwinn IC Pro20 has a fresh hand towel over its handlebars, 2 water bottle holders and Triple Link pedals which fit 95% of cycle shoes for your convenience.
Arrive 10 minutes early before your first ride to get custom fitted on your bike by the Dharma Family. They’ll show you how to use your resistance and breaks, adjust your seat and handlebar height, teach you how to do it and help you clip in your shoes. If you do not own cycle shoes, we rent them at the studio for $3.
All classes are dimly lit by candles and overhead lighting and begin and end on time. There is never a clock in the Cycle Stable.


A heated, vinyasa class. The level 2 class builds on the DharmaYoga series and takes students deeper into their practice as they work towards peak postures together. Students can expect to burn between 350-600 calories, strengthen their bodies, condition their hearts and improve range of motion. This full mind-body workout is done in a room heated to 95 degrees. We encourage each teacher to share their unique experience and play music only if they would like. Open to intermediate-advanced students.


Prime Yoga is the most comprehensive, updated, full-body.mind.soul group fitness class out there. You’ll use a variety of weights and props as you move safely through exercises that strengthen and sculpt your muscles, challenge balance and work endurance all while staying connected to breath and intention. Class moves quickly through a yoga flow and 3 prime series inspired by movements done in pilates and barre. Class is done in a room heated to 90 degrees and students can expect to burn between 400-700 calories.


Donation based classes taught by new teachers or current teachers learning a new class format.  All donations go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  Come support our teachers, pay what you can and fill out a feedback form for them.  No online registration.   Register in person only.


Our signature Barre class involves a yoga flow warm up, yoga stretches and barre exercises.  Work one muscle group at a time to fatigue in this total body workout. Barre is a great fit for all experience levels. Class is set to music, and will include focus on muscles strength and endurance for all muscle groups. Constant engagement of your muscles throughout class leads to fantastic toning results! Class is done in a warm room heated to 80 degrees.  Students focus on alignment and small pulses to target slow twitch muscle fibers used for endurance like running and swimming. This total body workout is a great fit for those new to barre and those with previous barre experience.

Local, new clients only. Bring local ID to the studio to sign up.
Unlimited Classes, shoe, towel & mat rentals. Perfect for travelers.
Unlimited classes, shoe, towel & mat rentals.
Unlimited classes & rentals. 10% Off retail and programs.           1 Guest Pass/Month.           1 Free Workshop/year.    Members Only Events.         No no-show/late cancel fees.   Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Health Partners and United Health insurance members get $20-$25 back/month. Cancel whenever you want.
Includes one class, mat, towel & shoe rentals.
$18/class. Share with friends and family.
$16/class. Share with friends and family.
The balance between the sun energy and the moon energy.  This class is 40 minutes of flowing vinyasa yoga and 20 minutes of restorative yin yoga   Done in a heated room (90 degrees) Yang Yin is a balancing, strengthening class. We encourage each teacher to share their unique experience and play music only if they would like. Open to intermediate-advanced students.

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