Local, new clients only. Bring local ID to the studio to sign up.
Unlimited Classes, shoe, towel & mat rentals. Perfect for travelers.
Unlimited classes, shoe, towel & mat rentals.
Unlimited classes & rentals. 10% Off retail and programs.           1 Guest Pass/Month.           1 Free Workshop/year.    Members Only Events.         No no-show/late cancel fees.   Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Health Partners and United Health insurance members get $20-$25 back/month. Cancel whenever you want.


Includes one class, mat, towel & shoe rentals.
$18/class. Share with friends and family.
$16/class. Share with friends and family.
6 Workouts/week for 2 weeks
Next Session starts in January.
Private Yoga Lesson
Please call the studio to learn more.
5% off 1 Month Unlimited. 10% off 3 Months Unlimited. 15% off 6 Months Unlimited or choose more options.
The balance between the sun energy and the moon energy.  This class is 40 minutes of flowing vinyasa yoga and 20 minutes of restorative yin yoga   Done in a heated room (90 degrees) Yang Yin is a balancing, strengthening class. We encourage each teacher to share their unique experience and play music only if they would like. Open to intermediate-advanced students.

Teacher Training