What our teacher training graduates are saying…

“I believe it is the best value as far as teacher trainings go in the area. And I truly felt like I learned a lot during the training” -Chelsea

“If you want to gain valuable knowledge and be confident in your new skills then do your training at DCY.”- Mia

“Really good trainers, the length of the program ensures learning the format, and a fun studio.┬áIf you want to really know the format and walk away being able to teach it this is the training for you.” -Molly

“The individualized attention in the training was amazing! We received so much practice and feedback. I now feel confident and prepared to plan and teach my own barre classes. I also notice that I myself have had better form when I take other workout classes and can understand what muscles are being targeted with different moves.”- Allyson

The balance between the sun energy and the moon energy.  This class is 40 minutes of flowing vinyasa yoga and 20 minutes of restorative yin yoga   Done in a heated room (90 degrees) Yang Yin is a balancing, strengthening class. We encourage each teacher to share their unique experience and play music only if they would like. Open to intermediate-advanced students.

Teacher Training